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Facebook Viral Games are a great way to attract new fans, engage your customers, build email databases and boost brand/product awareness.


The games provide instant win gratification and go viral on Facebook with ‘Share to Play Again’ options. Our collection of games have all been thoroughly tested and researched to provide the best playing experience while delivering on key marketing goals.

Use it on Mobiles – Websites – Facebook – Instore Checkout - Events

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"We had great success with the Memory Master game. With over 7,000 plays we collected 5000+ email addresses, 2800 new Facebook fans!


Winning Wheel

A digital take on a classic promotion. Everyone wins a prize with this game with prizes being delivered as emailed vouchers, sent out or redeemed in store. Can be used to attract new customers and drive web sales by pushing out emails with coupon codes for use on-line.

Also works great in a store environment with a purchase required to receive a unique code valid for one play. The resulting winning voucher is handed to the customer for use in store on their next purchase.

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Scratch n Win

Works in a similar way to the winning wheel with the delivery mechanism being ‘match three scratch panels to win’.

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Memory Master

Like the memory games from your childhood, the user is shown 8 matching panels for five seconds before they are flipped over. The user then needs to match as many as possible to go in the draw to win a prize. The more correct guesses the more entries.

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Catch Game

The catch game is well loved for it's retro gaming style nature and a brilliant way to combine elements of your brand or product launch.

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Puzzle Game

Designed for maximum time in front of brand, this game is our most challenging and sees on average a play time well over 3 minutes!

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Quiz Game

Quizzes are a great way to entertain your audience while educating them at the same time. The competitive nature of the game sees very high share rates.

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What are the benefits?

Go Viral!

We encourage users to SHARE on Facebook for a chance to play the game again. This drives thousands of viral impressions for your game.

Reward your customers

Games can be activated by a unique code which is handed out with purchase. This way you know only customers are playing your game and adjust prizes accordingly.

Drive Sales

Incentivise sales by using coupons as prizes which are displayed with the win message or emailed out as vouchers.

Build your database

All games collect name, email and more, for you to add into your mail out database.

Grow web traffic

Link through to your website at the end of your game to convert your customers.

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Our Work

You can find some examples of our work below!

NRL Memory Master

Maggie Beer Puzzle

Ploughmans Tomato Harvest

Resene Quiz

Bed Bath & Beyond

Birthday Catch Game

Ford Spinning Wheel

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