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Video posts are achieving engagement rates 3-8x that of standard posts. If your company doesn't have video to post, let us help with that. Find more examples of our work and full details here - www.curvesocial.co.nz/video

Posted by Curve Social on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Traditional - TVCs

Facebook Video Marketing

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  • Creation +

    TVCs - Large production and editing team means a cost in the region of $15-$50K.

    Have to conform to network rules and regulations. 6-10 week lead time.


    FVM - Animation and new media options mean much lower costs in the region of $1-$5K.

    1-3 week lead time. Ability to create multiple variations to keep campaigns fresh.

  • Execution +

    TVCs - Your advert is always an unwanted interruption. MySky, Streaming & Netflix making TVCs more and more irrelevant. Your advert is bundled in with 5-6 other annoying interruptions.


    FVM - Deliver your ad in an opt in fashion where the viewer chooses to watch your ad. Gain social engagement as users share and endorse your video content. Reach users while they are on the go or in your location.

  • Effectiveness +

    TVCs - No ability to click through to purchase or learn more. Second screen viewing has most users completely 'switched off' during ad breaks.

    Traditional TV viewing in decline due to Internet based TV.


    FVM - Users can click through to purchase or share with family & friends. Only pay for unique views = zero percent wastage.

    Schedule ads exactly when you want them to play and pay no more for peak times.

  • Targeting & Results +

    TVCs - Mass market reach with little effective targeting leads to large wastage.

    No ability to reconnect with the viewers.

    FVM - Target precisely who you want to see your videos. Exact viewing and consumption data available. Video ad viewers can be targeted with follow up advertising for maximum conversion.

The good stuff...

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Farm Angel Whiteboard Video

Posted by Curve Social on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

White Board Style

Utilises a hand drawn style to engage the viewer and explain more complicated products. Great for showing scenarios & products when your budget doesn't stretch to filming. Can be used with voice overs for extra detail.

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Graphic Style

Incorporates still images and short filmed bursts to showcase products in an engaging and fast paced way. Usually accompanied with a sound bed and will work well if user doesn't have sound.

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Comment below with how many LIKE thumbs you see in the video, tag a friend and you could both win your own Nespresso Coffee machine (worth $700). LIKE our page so you don't miss the winner announcement on 1 July! Terms - http://curvesocial.co.nz/nespresso/

Posted by Curve Social on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Animated Style

Typically more suited to a corporate or service based offering. Can be highly stylised to fit within brand requirements and produced with or without sound or voice over.

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